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The Right Coat for a Challenging Time of Year

winter coat

September is over, and October brings with it the promise of some nice days coupled with cold winds and the sense you never know what’s coming next. Shopping for a coat that is both practical and versatile becomes even more important at this time of year.

It’s a challenge too, though. When the weather is good you need something you can rely on if things change. If you’re going out for dinner it might be lovely when you leave home but chilly later on when you return, satiated from your meal. Additionally, you don’t want to spend money on a coat that won’t be warm enough for the winter months. It’s a challenge, indeed.

Starting with a parka

A parka is so practical it has to feature on our list of suggestions. Most shops have at least one parka to consider, and it’s had the catwalk makeover this year too.

You can go for a standard parka that will keep you warm as well as fending off drizzle, fog and mist, or opt for something blinged-up a little. Look out for faux fur – something that works surprisingly well in this case. Invest in a quilted parka from Ted Baker at around £239, or go for a microfibre alternative from BHS for a mere £55. There is something out there for every pocket.

A longer, more stylish solution

If you want something longer to warm your legs as well as your body, you’ve got a great selection of coats headlining the winter season this year. LK Bennett has a lovely long-line fitted coat for £395 – a true investment. A woollen coat is always going to come out year after year, so the £399 Jaeger wool wrap coat makes a lot of sense if you need something warm for a variety of occasions.

Long-lasting leather

Leather works well in so many situations, and it can fend off the worst weather as well. It even looks better as it ages, so what more could you ask for?

One of our favourites this season has to be the belted jacket from Wallis in black leather. Featuring a gorgeous faux fur collar in generous proportions, this is sure to be a big favourite (especially as it retails for a mere £79).

Blanket capes for chilly days

When it’s dry but cold, a blanket cape makes a lot of sense. They’re not ideal for wet weather for obvious reasons, but when you’re guaranteed a crisp and cold winter day, this looks good with all kinds of outfits. ASOS offers a cape in a checked finish for just £75.

Get your wardrobe ready for autumn and winter

Choosing an appropriate coat for this time of year is a tough ask – especially bearing in mind the changeable weather. However you could end up with something that will see you through all kinds of demanding situations and conditions if you take the above suggestions as a practical and pleasant starting point.

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