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The Season to be Cheerful – It’s Party Time……

christmas fashionAs November comes close everyone starts to think about Christmas and the various party invites that will undoubtedly start to be issued over the next few weeks.

This means it is time to focus on what you’ll wear when the festive season approaches. Don’t leave dress or suit shopping until the last minute as you’ll invariably turn the whole event into a big stressor instead of the celebration it should be. Make a note of when the parties you’ve been invited to will take place and set aside some time to go shopping if need be.

mens fashionSmart or casual?

This is the question everyone – male or female – will be asking themselves when it comes to getting prepared for a party. Some works dos will require fairly smart dress, perhaps black tie for men and a dress for women. However they won’t all fall into this category. Some companies like to dress casually to make everyone feel comfortable during the festive season. This shows you how important it is to make sure you know what approach to take. If you don’t you could stick out like a sore thumb.

comfortable christmas fashionStick with what you feel good in

If you have a reasonable amount of freedom in choosing an outfit to wear, make sure you don’t choose this as an occasion to try out something new. For the ladies, choosing this moment to wear four inch heels when you usually wear flats isn’t a good move. For men, opting to go for a proper bow tie instead of a clip on one creates additional stress you don’t need on the night when you find you can’t tie it properly.

mens fashionKeep an eye on the current fashions

Fashion changes all the time – that’s what makes it fashionable. No doubt some party goers will be looking to buy the latest and best party fashions in the coming weeks. This means they can enjoy looking up to the minute when the big night arrives.

However don’t feel as if you have to stay in tune with the latest styles. They won’t suit everyone. It would be a disaster to turn up in a fashionable outfit that doesn’t suit you, compared to wearing something classic in design that looks really good.

christmas fashionDon’t forget the importance of staying warm either. Unless we get an unseasonably warm winter, the chances are you’ll be eager to wear a couple of layers in order to stay warm when you go out to your festive parties. Large halls and reception areas can be chilly in some cases, so always wear one or two layers over your outfit to ensure you look good and feel good too.

In short, there is plenty of time to prepare for this year’s round of Christmas parties. Whether you’re looking for the perfect dinner suit or two piece suit to wear, or you need a party dress that stands out, now is the time to start looking. Take the stress out of the situation and celebrate Christmas!


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