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We’d love the clothes you don’t. Book a collection!

clothes recycling charity

textile recycling charityA lot of the clothes on our high streets are manufactured using child and sweatshop labour in unsafe and exploitative working conditions.  The London based charity TRAID funds work to change this – all by reselling your unwanted clothes in our 11 charity shops.

Donating to us has never been easier.  TRAID offers thousands of households (including yours) free collections of your unwanted clothes – and your unwanted Christmas presents too!  It’s an easy and convenient way to donate directly to charity, direct from your door.

Just book a collection online www.traid.org.uk/collections, by phone 020 8733 2580 or by email recycling@traid.org.uk and we’ll do the rest.

So you know it’s us, we do our collections in our bright yellow TRAID branded van and we usually collect during weekday evenings when more people are at home.  But, we’re flexible.

Even though you no longer want them, TRAID thinks your donations are too precious to be left outside.  So, wherever possible, our driver Bill will collect directly from you.  And that’s nice because you know your donations are going straight to charity, and you can say hello to us too!

textile and clothes collectionsWe take all donations to our warehouse in Wembley where the TRAID team sorts through them deciding where and when they will sell best.  It’s a major operation with our staff hanging, tagging and pricing around 11,000 garments each week for sale to the public in our shops, which are open 7 days per week for 350 days of the year.

Every sale we make in a TRAID shop enables us to fund projects fighting poverty and exploitation in some of the poorest places in the world.  To date, with your help, we have committed over 3.5 Million Pounds to international development work.

We focus our funding specifically on work to improve social and environmental standards in the textile supply and production chain – the process through which our clothes are made.  This year, TRAID funding includes projects to remove children from bonded labour, improving the rights and working conditions of garment workers, improving health and safety standards in garment factories, doubling the wages of women home workers and enabling small cotton farmers to farm without using harmful and dangerous pesticides.

Donate to TRAID using our collection service, and we’ll make your donations go a long way.

Book a collection online www.traid.org.uk/collections, by phone 020 8733 2580 or by email recycling@traid.org.uk.

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