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What Will You Be Wearing this Autumn/Winter?

metallic look

We’ve had a great summer this year, filled with shorts, strappy tops and anything that kept us cool for those long heady weeks of sunshine. But the great weather came to an abrupt stop just a week or two ago, and now it seems we’re all shivering and running to put the heating on.

It’s not all bad though. We have a wealth of autumn fashion to look forward to, after all. So which items should you look out for this year?

metallic lookCatching the eye with the metallic look

They don’t suit everyone, but the runways have been packed with metallic themes this year. Fortunately the high street wasn’t far behind so you can look forward to diving into some metallic tops and bottoms if you’re brave enough.

jumperBattling to keep warm

It’ll be easy if you opt for the military look that has popped up this year as well. You’ll sometimes see it coupled with the metallic finishes mentioned above, so you can kill two fashion birds with one stone here.

black is backBlack is back

There is no doubting black has a comfy and cosy feel many of us hanker for when the temperature drops. There are plenty of fashion statements to be made in black and other dark colours this year. Whether you’re wearing these items for work or looking for something understated to wear in the evenings, black is definitely the ‘colour’ to watch out for.

classic stylingClassic styling

A classic look is always good to achieve. It means you can always choose some items from your wardrobe that will look good, regardless of whether you’re dressing for work, a date or a day out with the girls. Indeed there is a whole plethora of classic looks set to hit the shops this season, so you’ll always be able to look your best with ease.

winter jumperGrab those jumpers

What wardrobe would be complete without a few jumpers to keep you warm on those days when autumn seems to have prematurely given in to winter? You’ll see thin and thick options this year as per usual, but whichever ones you prefer you’ll find they have some interesting motifs on them. Plain coloured jumpers with a motif front and centre to attract the attention is definitely the order of the day.

Purples and tartan

purples and tartanNot together – at least not for the majority of the time – but you’ll see both these options making a splash in the shops this autumn. Tartan doesn’t have to mean wearing a kilt, and most of the checked patterns in store this year are about as far away from a kilt as you could get. In contrast, nice blocks of purple can also be seen, thanks to a design decision to make this one of the leading colours this year.

In short, by the time you’ve dived into the delights awaiting you on the fashion front this autumn, you’ll have forgotten all about the long hot summer we enjoyed just a few short weeks ago.


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