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Children’s Fitness – Top 10 tips

fit perfectA frequent concern I hear is that children are not physically active enough, they’re glued to iPads and mobiles and I’m asked “how can I encourage my children to move more?”


Child obesity is on the rise, a recent parliamentary report stated that 28% of children aged between 2 and 15yrs are obese. Lack of physical activity is only one of the factors. Well-balanced nutrition, sleep and family lifestyle are just as important as regular exercise.


So what are my top 10 tips? Keep active, regardless of the weather. Set realistic fitness goals for everyone. Good nutrition is fundamental, make informed healthy choices for family meals. Competition in sport is motivating, it teaches children coping strategies for life’s ups and downs. Strength training is not just for dads!It builds and tones muscles, vital for good bone density and formation. Good quality sleep is essential. Warm up and cool down every fitness session, it helps increase flexibility and avoids sore muscles. Celebrate success, acknowledge achievements no matter how big or small. Variety is key, keep fitness ‘fun’ and challenging. Try entering a charity sport event, make up a family dancing competition or interval sprinting in the park. But most importantly, lead by example – whatever YOU do, is seen as normal, including exercise.


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