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fitness tipsAnd it’s mid February 2014 already! How are you? Hope that you’re successfully achieving the goals you’ve set for your life a month and a half ago?

Ok so let’s get down to business. We are focusing on the third piece of our puzzle this month. After Training Strategy and long term Nutrition Strategy this month we’re going to talk about Consistency. Yes, consistency. You don’t read about it on the magazines and don’t hear about it on the news, do you? Why would such an important part of a fit and healthy lifestyle be so underestimated? Very probably because after all it doesn’t sell as much magazines as the newest fad diet or the latest ‘get a six-pack in 15 days’ training programme on the cover of the newspaper…

But if you speak with any serious athlete (or even that neighbour that always looks athletic), she or he is going to tell you that long term consistency is one of the most important elements of their success. They don’t train like crazy on Monday and let it go the rest of the week, and not eat like crazy one day and starve the following day. Always remember that before the newest diet or magic machine was invented there were fit people everywhere.

In many different areas in life, consistency is a key factor, the more we analyse it the more evidence appears.  So how can we bring consistency to one or more areas of our lives? It’s simpler that it sounds and you can achieve it using only two tools:

  1. Plan and book in advance
  2. Track your action pattern and results.

Regarding the booking tool: Make sure that if you’re not attending a class or have a personal trainer you book your training schedule into your diary and stick to it. (No more ‘what a long day at work, I deserve a glass of wine instead of training today’ approach). I have my training sessions booked for the whole month on the first, so there’s no chance to miss training as it’s on my diary prior to all other commitments. Or to make it even better, book to train/ run with a friend it will increase drastically your chances of not missing training sessions.

Regarding the tracking of your action patter and results, it’s even simpler: use a food diary. Even we trainers use it (actually more serious the trainer is, more they make use of it). People tend to think that they’ve had an amazingly healthy week and don’t understand why they are not losing weight. As soon as I look at their food diary I know why. Tracking the results related to your goal will help i.e.

If you want to lose weight it means you need to step on the scale every week and compare it to your goal.

If you want to get healthier heart and lungs, test your cardio capacity every month.

If you want to gain muscle use the metric tape every 15-30 days depending on the body part.

And always remember: Numbers don’t lie!

See you next month! Mx



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