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Crossfit Box or Gym membership?


“Why should I choose a Crossfit Box rather than just buy a gym membership?” is a question I get asked quite frequently. What is so special about this Crossfit thing that causes thousands of people to swap their gym memberships for it?

Well, Crossfit is so much more than just another gym membership, it´s a community of people dedicated to becoming a better version of themselves. It is a place where you come to add new skills to your life. Every time you come to the “Box” you are challenging yourself, breaking barriers you thought could not be broken, overcoming obstacles you thought too high. Getting stronger, faster and more confident; most of all, becoming a better version of you. Crossfit is a place to find the person you did not know was in you.

Crossfit offers you expert coaching staff ready to help you reach your goal safely and effectively. It is not just for the “elite” athlete, or that person whose body is in great shape. It’s a place for anyone wanting to improve their fitness. It is infinitely scalable which means that anyone can start, at any fitness level, at any time.

We refer to our clients as athletes because they are. There is no need to compete on a national level to get that title. Anyone putting in the work is an athlete. I have coached hundreds of athletes from 9 years old to 65 years old in Crossfit and they all have the same reason for joining. To try something new and to become fitter.

Whatever your fitness goal, you can reach it through Crossfit.

Too many people get stuck in a rut and go to a gym because they think that they have to. Run on the treadmill, lift a few barbells and doing mostly the same routine each visit with small variations. Most of the time they might not know what they are doing. They don´t stick to going to the gym because they get bored with the lack of discipline and motivation. A lot of gyms thrive on these members. They invest in a one year membership and then only use the first month or two. The rest of the year spent paying a contract they never use. Perhaps you recognise yourself? This means the gyms can have more members then they could ever physically cram in there. That is why many of those gyms will never encourage you to come into the gym, or motivate you once there.

They already have your money.

So how is a Crossfit Box any different? It is the personal touch. When you go to a Crossfit class you will always be greeted by your coach. You have 1-to-1 interaction with the person responsible for the class. Any questions you have regarding nutrition, stretching or just the workout itself, they are there for you. They will motivate you and push you to make you better. It is their job to make sure you are doing the workout correctly, watch and advise where needed. They will encourage you when you think you want to give up, and make sure that when the class ends, you have every desire to come back and improve yourself.

Crossfit is a community. The people that you train with have all been through the same things you go through, your coach and the person next to you doing the work. They will all be there to support you on your journey.

Join our community of athletes! Join Crossfit Muswell Hill!


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