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Deskxercise Anyone?

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I hope that you guys have made good use of our last article and had some fit fun with the kids this summer? I definitely had my quota!

So what’s next? Generally, I write articles to help you to progress towards your fitness goals. This article is well, a bit different.

I have written it to help people who have sedentary or so called ‘desk jobs’ to reduce the negative effects of those many hours sitting behind a desk by making strategic use of few minutes here and there during the day. And I think that I have managed to come up with something very, very useful. These routines are not going to take you to the next Olympic Games in Tokyo or replace your gym routine, but will make you healthier and hopefully even more productive at work at the same time.

After running tests on the topic, I have worked out that the best way of doing it is to set your alarm for every full hour that you’re at work and practice one single exercise for a full minute when it beeps. It’s only one minute per hour so there should be no excuses for avoiding these! You will feel much better and maybe even become a bit competitive with yourself.

So here is my choice of one minute exercises for you: (the criteria for my choices where: 1- the use of as many body parts as possible, 2- core activation and 3- capacity to counter act bad posture created by sitting for long periods of time). Also do not feel down if you cannot perform the exercises for a minute at first, give it a few weeks if you are a total beginner.

The chosen sequence is:

1- Front Plank

2- Chair Squats

3- Desk Press Ups

4- Chair Leg Extensions (alternate)

5- Right leg lunges

6- Left Leg Lunges

7- ‘Air’ Deadlifts with overhead arm extention

8- Calf Raises (holding on the back of a chair)

Please check out the exercise demos on YouTube, and if you have any questions just message me and I will happily advise you and maybe even post videos explaining each exercise on my Facebook page if many of you ask for it, so keep an eye on my page!

And finally, if you want to take on the challenge and do it for a month, let me know as a I would love to follow your progress and outcomes and we can together fine tune it.


See you around! Mx

Marcelo Monaco
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