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Evolve Coaching & Fitness is comprised of a team of highly trained professionals who specialise in various areas such as weight loss, strength training, nutrition, injury prevention & rehab, posture correction and more. We work closely with sports therapists to ensure our clients receive the best possible service suited to their body.

As the New Year is now upon us, you would have probably already heard your family and friends talk about their resolutions. It’s no coincidence that the mention of anything fitness related with regard to New Year has become an eye-rolling moment, the most common resolution often being to join a gym or start a new diet. It’s easy to start questioning your willpower when those trips to the gym become less frequent and the bad eating habits return. What most people don’t realise is that the reason those resolutions are so short-lived is actually due to the lack of guidance and support.

Before spending any money on a gym membership it is important to assess your readiness to begin this journey which Evolve does free of charge in a complimentary consultation. We take a look into your current lifestyle & training history and from this highlight the key areas that are limiting your progress and set actionable goals to begin.

Don’t set yourself back by thinking having a busy schedule is the reason you shouldn’t invest in your health. We work closely with those from some of the most hectic schedules as we are able to incorporate our services into their lifestyle rather than a short term blow out.

Realistic actionable goals consist of increasing your step count so you are consistently burning calories outside your training sessions and making small changes to your meals to ensure you get the correct nutrients your body needs so it performs at optimal level. It is important to start with these fundamentals so you can progress into a healthier routine before expecting yourself to be successful in regular gym visits and a sudden change in diet.

Remember to take into consideration your day to day routine and life obstacles.

We work closely with clients to ensure they stay on track during their fitness journeys, we provide a food diary which allows us to assess your eating patterns and offer alternative food suggestions as well as guidance on creating healthier habits. You don’t need to restrict yourself from full wholesome meals when attempting to lose weight or tone up. This is another common mistake people make!

Our work is especially effective with those that work in desk jobs due to the many imbalances that are caused because of it. Sitting in a right angle position for majority of hours in the day causes imbalances in the knees, hips & back. Looking down at a screen and hunching causes pain and tightness in the neck, shoulders, this tightness can also lead to headaches and migraines. Working on a computer and a flat keyboard also causes pains in the wrist & forearms, this can be combated with various exercises and trigger point work.

Our main facility is based in East Finchley, Mighteefit Health Studios, this is where we complete most of our sessions. We also travel all over North London to clients to complete home sessions and have worked within company offices as well.

We begin our sessions with movement and fitness assessments which includes a variety of drills that assess your body’s capability, any weaknesses, strengths, tightness or imbalances. The 4 session assessment also allows us to generate a detailed report of the current state of your body which we improve through our programs. In addition to the above, we measure your weight, muscle mass & fat percentage.

The information we receive from the 4 session assessment allows us to design bespoke programs that meet the requirements of your body type allowing you to effectively meet your goal. We give the option of creating programs for clients to use in their own time away from us as well as within our one to one personal training sessions. It just depends what you prefer. If you would like programs to use externally, we can update these for you at any point.

At Evolve, our coaching with you doesn’t stop when you leave the gym, it goes further than the time you spend with us during your hour session. We offer online coaching where we provide ongoing digital support through email, phone calls, texts, and send you resources such as food diaries and e-books to expand your knowledge so you are able to make better decisions throughout your everyday lives.

After a series of sessions with Evolve, we ask our clients to complete a “client feedback” form. This gives us an even deeper insight of your headspace, any struggles you have faced with regard to training, previous methods used to achieve fitness related goals and anything we could do to improve our service. Training is specific to each individual, we aim to really get a well-rounded understanding of our clients so we can deliver the best possible service suited to them ranging all the way from mental to physical.

We also invite clients to desk dates where needed, this is a short meeting with your coach to review your overall lifestyle around your training and how to compliment this through nutrition, creating better habits, addressing limitations and setting goals to keep you on track.

We want to make sure that everyone gets the right guidance to stay on track with their health & fitness resolutions this year as well as staying safe in the gym.

Book in your free consultation by calling 020 8049 9330 or email izzy@evolvehealthcoaches.com so we can get started!


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