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Exercising with children

exercising with children

How are you doing? It has been a while, hope that you guys have missed me as much as I have missed you! It has been a super busy year for me with some big projects including my Wedding in June and a few super demanding professional projects including getting back into fitness modelling. (Check out my work with Christopher Bailey on my new ad here at the Flyer).

We are super busy these days, and like me, most of my clients have kids & a demanding career to balance. Everybody says: ‘After a long day at work, I have to go to the gym, but want to have time with the kids’… So how about exercising with the kids? Excellent for both, it is always fun and a great time to build an even greater relationship based on Team work.

Here are some ideas for the super parents of today to create some family time high calorie burning activities:


Activities to do with 6 to 10 year olds:

1- Have a weekly sports night

This is a lot of fun! Every Tuesday for example, get everybody together playing a sport. Just kicking a ball around will do, but you can choose a new sport every few months and develop the kids’ abilities and your knowledge in different sports. If you lack space, you can invent games like writing names of family friendly exercises on pieces of paper and get everybody to dig in, pick an exercise and choose who performs it and how many reps.

2- Walk the dog with the kids – Do it for 30 to 45 mins after work and it will help you to leave work at work and have a great time after it. If you don’t have a dog then take a look at www.borrowmydoggy.com where you will find the chance to take someone else’s dog for a walk.

3- Run or walk for charity – there are few kids friendly events of this nature around Muswell Hill & Crouch End, just google it, book it, and have fun with the little ones at the same time as giving them a great example to follow.

For the children under 6 year olds:

4- A twice weekly session of 20-30 minutes dancing with the little ones can be fun and burns a lot of calories from the parents and get the kids developing their motor skills. You can also invite friends to join in.

5- Use the TV commercials as fitness breaks – choose a different exercise for each time and

perform ‘X’ repetitions per interval.

6- Go for a post dinner walk – do it for 30 mins and it will add a daily routine of exercising instead of sitting on the sofa after dinner and it’s also a great time to cool down your mind after a day of hard work. If your little one is too little, just add the pram and speed it up!

Have fun & remember, these activities should be fun and count as part as a healthy & active lifestyle, and are designed to complement and not replace a well structure fitness programme and healthy nutrition.

Any questions or ideas, please feel free to post/ message me on my Facebook Fitness page:

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