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Party Perfect. Get in shape for the Christmas Party Season!

Get in shape for the Christmas

Get in shape for the Christmas Party Season

Hi everybody, hope that you’re all doing well. First, I’d like to say thank you for all the emails received after the ‘Stubborn Fat & Problem Areas’ article. It was lovely to meet some of you and get new people ‘fired up’ to improve their lifestyle in the areas of health and fitness.

Well, now we are going to get back to basics, because it’s almost ‘Party Season’ as many people call the period surrounding Christmas & New Year. This year, instead of having you just receiving information on the other end of the magazine as a reader, I would like to challenge you to take part on the article and be physically active. Are you up for it? Don’t worry if you have not been exercising lately, this challenge is scaleable and have 3 versions: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced. It has the goal of helping you to offset the damage caused by all the excess consumption of food and drinks during the coming months. Bearing in mind that most of the population already consumes those two in excess in a regular basis, according to new figures, the average Briton will add 6 lbs of weight just during the days in between & including Christmas & New Year.

So let’s get into action. Those are the rules of the challenge:

You can start any day, but it has to be in December and you have to do it for 30 consecutive days with no break.

Do it first thing in the morning before going to work to avoid ‘surprises’ later in the day

Write down your body weight on the start and end of the challenge.

Email me your comments after you finish it and I am going to choose one male and one female reader to come for a training session with me.

The beginner’s version is the one written below. For the intermediary version double the first session numbers, and for the advanced version multiply the first session numbers by 3.

Ready? Here we go:

Day 1: perform 10 burpees and 20 sit-ups. Easy hein!

Day 2: perform 12 burpees and 24 sit-ups

Day 3: perform 13 burpees and 26 sit-ups

Continue adding 1 more burpee and 2 more sit-ups for the rest of the 30 days, until you finish at the beginner level performing 40 burpees and 80 sit ups.

Please make sure that you don’t have any physical problem that could aggravate by performing those exercises (such as lower back pain for example). If in doubt, ask a fitness instructor or Personal Trainer or email me before you start the challenge to get the all clear.

Well, good luck with it, stay strong & focused during the challenge, keep me posted about your progression and have an amazing Party Season! See you in 2016!

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