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Getting your body back to full strength at SF Studios

Getting your body back to full strength is possible at SF Studios who can help you with personalised training programmes to suit your body’s needs.

SF Studios is a boutique fitness studio located near to South End Green in Hampstead. The studio combines the latest research and training ideas into carefully structured, small classes run by a mix of rehabilitation practitioners and experts in the field of wellbeing. The family-like atmosphere encourages clients of every age and on every level of training to move under constant guidance and supervision, work through any chronic aches and improve their health and fitness through carefully devised classes and tailor-made programmes.

Marco Litto: Movement Conditioning

SF Studios also offers a unique Movement Conditioning programme, developed by studio co-director, Marco Litto. Movement Conditioning focuses primarily on restrictive joints, which we see as one of the principal causes of compensations, overloaded tissues and dysfunction in the body. It is specifically designed to both offset the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and work alongside other disciplines, such as yoga, dance and martial arts, to integrate and supplement their practice.

Marco explains the reasoning behind his system, which is based on his background in Sports Science and Sports Therapy, his clinical experience, and research into movement across Europe and Asia. “Training programmes are usually structured around the long-term development of the client, with little attention to present limitations and injuries. Conversely, in rehabilitation you see a greater focus on specific complaints and short-term solutions, without a clear follow-up plan or long-term strategy. I developed Movement Conditioning to bridge the distance between rehabilitation and training, to make my students aware of their current capacity and options, and guide along a re-training process, with clear goals, progressions and measurements.”

SF Studios: Movement Conditioning

SF Studios is equipped to support a varied timetable of classes throughout the week. Most practitioners incorporate elements of Movement Conditioning into their work and draw on their own expertise and experience of other traditional fitness practices, such as pilates and yoga. The studio offers a range of different classes at all levels, including Overall Fitness, led by Director Suzanne Ferreira, Yoga, and contemporary dance. Your first class is FREE so have a look at the timetable, choose a class and come and meet us!


If you have had a bad experience in a previous class or have had an injury and are just unsure of what is good and right for you, SF Studios provides a place where you can feel assured you will be in safe hands. For clients who need more individual work, the team of therapists offers scheduled appointments.

Come and meet some of the biggest stars of the fitness scene at SF Studios at our forthcoming event: Fitness in the Digital Age: a discussion. Click here for further information including booking.

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