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Easter eggs anyone? It’s April 2014 already! I can’t believe it!

gym-bunnyHow are your health and fitness lifestyle plans for 2014 going? Now is the time to measure and fine tune your plans and goals. The best way to do that is to measure not only your body weight but also your body fat, visceral fat and muscle percentages. This combination will show if you’re losing from where you want (body fat and visceral fat) and increasing where you want (muscle percentage). The amount of muscle you have is extremely important and still very underrated especially by the female population. Aesthetically it corresponds to what we call toning. Good muscle amount creates the looks and feel of a toned body.

Don’t fall for the BMI (Body Mass Index) trap. It’s an extremely poor, and worse, inaccurate way to measure our bodies. It rates world top athletes who have high percentage of muscle and body fat as low as 3% as obese, including myself on the overweight category. The BMI is a very old tool to compare populations but has no accuracy when applied to individuals.

easter rabbit at the gymAnyway, our talk for this month is Easter Eggs! Just joking, it is about setting a long term goal. Now that you have your new measurements what is your long term health and fitness goal? Well, while you think, this is mine that will, maybe, inspire you. If you have been following me on Facebook and Instagram you know that I am a competitive CrossFitter. CrossFit is a sport that measures our fitness levels. Athletes of any sex, from any sport, in any part of the world can compete for the title of fittest man and woman in the planet. Cool hein? I have been doing reasonably well in Europe but my long term goal (10 years from now) is to qualify and compete in the Masters 50-55 category of the CrossFit Games in Carlson California, where only the fittest people in the world qualify.

I am already on my first year competing in the masters 40-45 and I am happy with all my competitions so far. Ten years can sound very distant to some people but to reach a very complex goal like this, it will take time. Also, as my long term goal is to be as fit as possible in the old age, those ten years competing and fine tuning my body and mind will help me a lot with it (plus I need to keep strong to scare my daughter’s boyfriends when she gets to her teens!).

Well, enough of talking about me, now I want you to write down two long term healthy and fitness goals. Be precise, write numbers and deadlines, and go for it! Please feel free to email me your goals. I would like to know what you all want to achieve so I can write articles that will keep you on track and help you in this fascinating journey. See you next month!



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