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Would you like to become healthier & fitter?

If the answer to the above question is “YES” then you need to consider what it means to be healthy and fit. Would it be to be able to run 20 miles nonstop? Or possible bench press 120 Kg? The answer is probably NOT. And I agree with you. After many years researching how could we measure and increase the overall fitness and health of an individual, we have found through CrossFit, and more specifically on its founder, Californian Greg Glassman, the understanding of FITNESS and how we believe is the most complete way to measure and achieve it. Unfortunately it would take a 10 page article to explain it all to you, so I am going to give you a taste of what we consider the cornerstone of the CrossFit system. It’s the ‘Sickness, Wellness & Fitness’ range.

Nearly every measurable value of health can be placed on a continuum that ranges from sickness to wellness to fitness. From blood pressure, body fat, bone density, Triglycerides, good & bad cholesterol, flexibility, muscle mass and many other ‘hard numbers’ can give us a measurement that can put us on one of those three categories.

For example, a blood pressure of 160/95 is pathological, 120/70 is healthy, and 105/55 is consistent with a top athlete; a body fat of 40% is pathological, 20% is normal or healthy and 10% brings us to the top of the scale. We observe a similar ordering for bone density, heart rate and dozens of other measures of health. Done right, exercise and good nutrition provides us with great protection against the ravages of time & disease.

So sickness, health & fitness are measures of the same entity. If your fitness regime doesn’t support health, it’s not right for you.

I hope that this article lights the fire on you to kickstart a great positive life change or reinforce what you have already been doing. For more info about health and fitness feel free to email me, or get in touch by phone. And if you’re ready for a proper big positive change in your health & fitness book your complimentary session and start your journey right now!

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