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Make the outdoors into your personal gym

How are you? Hope that you’re keeping well, healthy and fit 😉

220px-HIGHGATE_WOODSo finally summer is here! Are you ready to make the most of it? One of the things I love about London is the amount of parks we have to enjoy the lovely sunny days. And especially around here, where benefit from Highgate Woods and Ally Pally almost as our backyards. With that in mind, this month’s article has workouts designed specifically for those parks so you can get closer to the shape you want for that holiday and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

Here we go: Highgate Woods – This is a great place for training. I come to Highgate Woods quite often to work on my Muscle Ups, and this is the ideal place for a whole body circuit. So let’s set the circuit like this: Start with a lap around the park (if you’re not up for that yet, you can do a lap around the central grass area, which is lovely). Than stop at the chin up bars, get on the floor for 50 sit ups (feel free to scale it down by breaking in few sets if you need), one round of max press ups, 50 squats, and if you want to develop your upper body strength one round of the maximum amount of pull-ups you can perform in one go and/or if you want to work on your gluteus and legs perform 50 alternate walking lunges across the field. Rest, have some water and repeat!

Alexandra Palace: start by doing two to five laps around the lake, depending on your fitness levels. Than stop close to a bench and perform 50 step ups on the bench (excellent move to tone the gluteus and the back of our legs), 15 press ups with your hands on the bench, 15 triceps dips and 30 leg raises lying on the bench with your legs hanging in the air. Have a sip of water, rest & repeat. If you’re feeling adventurous you can also run down to the train station and back to the Palace, that’s a great piece of cardio. Ally Pally is really great: the stunning views from London, the building itself and you can even get you caffeine fix from the lovely Cafe on the Grove.

Remember to perform dynamic stretches before your training and static stretches after.

If you are not sure about your fitness levels consult a fitness professional before start training and if you have any doubts or questions about any of the exercises just send us an email and we are going to be happy to help. Well, see you around Ally Pally or Highgate Woods! Keep healthy and fit.


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