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Marcelo Monaco

How are you? I hope that you’re healthy, fit & enjoying the sunshine. Have you taken any action following up last month’s article? If yes I would like to hear from you. If not, there is still time!

For the past few months I have decided to train myself in various gyms, I believe that when you’re a trainer, you have to do it sometimes or you get too immerse on your own world, it’s easier to try new ideas and techniques in a different environment. As one of my clients says: “When you own a restaurant one of the best things you can do for your business is to eat in other restaurants regularly.”

So I have been having fun with that, and as an unexpected outcome from observing people training, I have come up with a list of what you can do to keep your training exciting, particularly if you train by yourself.

First: ADD VARIETY! The mistake I have seen with more frequency than any other is what I call a “bad routine” i.e. doing the same exercises again and again every time you go to the gym. There are three big reasons for you to change it.

  1. The human body only progresses if challenged and a routine keeps the challenge as far as possible from us.
  2. A bad routine will emphasise the delta between your weakness and strengths, also called imbalance.
  3. And finally it is boring!

Second: ADD INTENSITY! Without intensity a training routine will become obsolete in a few sessions. Regardless of the level you are you have to challenge yourself or you are not going to develop; or even worse you can end up moving backwards. I have seen many cases where people go to the gym twice a week and after a year they have put on weight. The reason is that checking your text messages or reading the weekly mag on the seated bike will not give your body any of the expected benefits proper exercising will; however your mind thinks “I’ve trained today, that’s why I feel extra hungry” or “I deserve this extra dessert as I have been exercising”

The last rule is: STRETCH! It is very important that you stretch properly before and after each training session so you don’t get back pain from tight hamstrings or knee pain from tight quads (just a couple of the most frequent injuries acquired from neglecting stretches).

So get those rules right and even if you do not have a trainer, next time you hit the gym you can follow this trainer’s advice.

And remember: always keep your goals in mind when at the gym, enjoy your workout & train with passion!

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Marcelo Monaco
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