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Project Me N8You might think that the last thing Crouch End needs is another gym. And you’d be right. Which is why Chris Kazamias and Curtis Valentine of Project:Me are adamant that what they have opened on Park Road is not a gym. 

Project:Me is an independent Health and Fitness studio with a difference. We have spent a lot of time creating a relaxing, welcoming space with home from home showers, private training areas and purpose built studios and a level of service that offers real value for money. Because everyone has different goals, levels of ability and preferences, we offer everything from flexible Personal Training sessions, Pilates, Ballet Barre and Pregnancy Yoga to a wide range of therapies. We say in our literature: we want you to help find your mojo.’
Rather than in an Austin Powers sense, this means finding the personal motivation to improve your general wellbeing. ‘Both physically and mentally,’ says Chris, the co-founder of Project:Me. ‘So it might be that we can say to people, yes you need to train with Curtis, but you might benefit from doing Pilates, or a yoga class or see a nutritionist or have you thought about acupuncture to help you sleep better or a massage to relieve your stress? And if it isn’t my speciality or Curtis’s, we’ll have someone on the Project:Me team we can call upon.’

Project Me Crouch EndThere is an interest in how feeling good is about more than just pumping weights or running in the park, says Chris. It is a question of balance. And Project:Me gives people the option to look at every aspect of that. At the moment you can go to one place and look at diet, another for alternative medicine, then go to yet another and be trained by someone who knows all about how to develop stamina and strengh. But Project:Me is all about putting those elements together.’ A one-stop health shop, if you will. Curtis jumps in: ‘But it is also about explaining why we are doing what we are doing. Why are 5 repetitions good for one person when they do weights and 15 would be better for others? Why do we do three sets? What happens to the body in the long run if you continue these routines without varying or developing? We want to de-mystify the whole process and pass on the knowledge of what specific training methods are best for you as an individual.

Pilates Crouch End‘Which is why,’ his partner adds, ‘We don’t have memberships or contracts. We don’t want people to feel like they are tied in. And if they want to train once a week, three times a week, for half an hour or an hour, we’ll adapt to the client. If you want to skip and have a massage or maybe speak to a nutritionist, then that’s fine too. We say it’s about ‘me’ time and you decide what that needs to be. Everyone is different. And it has to be inclusive.

So whether you want to run a 10k marathon, get rid of your love handles, find your mojo or just wake up feeling ready for the day we will work with you to find a level of fitness and wellbeing that you are happy with. Come over to Project:Me and start your project now!


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