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Step 2 for a healthy you


And here we are: 2014! Can’t believe how fast 2013 felt. Hope that you all had an amazing Christmas with your family and are now ready to put your personal 2014 plans into action.

Which dreams would you like to turn into reality this year? Talking about that, how’s your five minute drill going? If you done it properly by now you should be good at all those exercises and feeling ready to start a more serious training programme.

What do I mean by more serious? You didn’t think that five minutes a day would be all, do you?! Training wise, now I would recommend one of two options: start doing whole body high intensity class (like body pump or CrossFit) twice a week on the top of your five minute routine, or get a trainer to devise a tailored programme for you and your goals and follow it full power.

nutritionBut there is also a second piece of our puzzle: NUTRITION. The cornerstone not only of a lean and aesthetically great body but also of our health. If you have been following my articles here, you probably know me by now and understand that I am not going to explain nutrition here for two reasons. First, it would take about 3 pages to write the basic principles of nutrition here, and second and the one that amazes me, most of us know what is good or bad and still make the wrong choice. So if it’s not lack of knowledge, what is stopping us to eat our way to a healthier and fitter life?  The answer is many things – from advertising to the influence of our peers, not breaking out of old bad habits and a no-time-for-ourselves lifestyle are some of the reasons for our poor choices. But rather than focus on the problem let’s focus on the solution!

What are the main habits of those people who successfully manage their nutrition? There are 3 things they all have in common:

  1. They focus on the medium and long term outcomes of what they put into their bodies.
  2. They understand and use in their favour the power of habit.
  3. They analyse their daily routine to understand the traps and distractions placed around them and the tools they can use to successfully overcome then.

So here is your nutrition homework. First, write down for one full week everything that you eat & drink that contains calories (you don’t need to write down the water you drink for example) and the times, including the weekend! On the following week analyse your strong points and weak points. Make sure you keep all the good stuff and ditch all the bad stuff for the following four weeks. It’s also very important to understand why you were making the mistakes so you can avoid the traps in the future. Also keep a picture or a phrase on your wallet (or phone) of where you want to be and look at it every time the temptation gets hard! Any problems you know where to find me!

See you in Feb!



Marcelo Monaco
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