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summer fitness

Marcelo Del MonacoHow are you doing Muswell Hill? Keeping fit & healthy? Working on getting your body summer ready?

With the hot weather & holidays just around the corner it’s that time in the year when people rush back to the gym, a lot of new runners out at our lovely parks and the fat burners disappear from the shelves at the supplement shops. Even I am getting ready! Just joking, where I am from (Brazil) you get ready for summer everyday 😉 So what should you really be doing to achieve the body composition change that will give you the body that you want to show on that bikini or shorts?

First: Have a goal. No, I mean a proper measurable goal. I highly recommend body fat & muscle percentages as the best way of measuring your real progress, this way you can asses if you’re losing proper fat instead of muscle or water and also gaining muscle, that will give you the shape & tone that make the real difference on the beach. Forget BMI and other pre-historic measurements.

Second: Make sure that your nutrition is spot on. You can dedicate hours of your precious time to training but if your nutrition is not fine tuned the aesthetic part of the benefits will take a long time to appear. You should find out your basal metabolic rate and use it to calculate how many calories you should consume daily, but don’t worry only about calories, focus on the macro nutrients such as protein and carbs and avoid processed food. Also don’t forget to drink water! It’s extremely important to keep yourself properly hydrated if you want to change your body composition and or detox.

summer fitnessAnd last but not least: exercise! Train with pleasure & determination, do compound exercises, lift heavy and run fast, don’t waste your time with easy or ‘time saving’ magical exercises. In this game you take home what you put into it. Variety & intensity are the only magical words here.

So hit it hard and smart because the sunshine is coming! Any questions feel free to drop me an email – it will be a pleasure to help! See you next month! Mx

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