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The Benefits of Middle-Aged Fitness


The Benefits of Middle-Aged Fitness

How are you? I hope that 2015 has been good to you so far and that you have been good too; at least regarding your eating, training habits & lifestyle.

I have to confess: I have spent most of my 2015 fascinated by fatherhood. As little Ava & Penelope grow up the overriding thought I have is of what can I do to be healthier and fitter for longer & be able to follow their lives for as long as possible, and most importantly, be a positive influence for them for as long as possible.

I was reading an article published in the Wall Street Journal recently and it made me feel very good about my choices so far for the first of the two challenges. Just in case you are looking for a bit of encouragement, let me quote a bit of the article to you: “As people reach middle age, exercising the brain and the body to which it is attached—keeping both active—becomes more important. It is one of the few reliable ways to offset the natural wasting process and the damaging influence of our unnaturally sedentary modern lives. It also points to new possibilities for the brain to heal itself in the face of disease and trauma.”

I have always been a great ambassador of the practice of proper exercise during and after the middle age and the more I study problems related to ageing – from bone density, hormonal balance, back and mobility problems and even people’s philosophy in life – there is a gigantic gap between people who train properly independent of their age group and people who do not exercise regularly. I believe that it is so important, that I give all my over 50s clients a special ‘discount’ on their training sessions. During 2014 it made me immensely proud to have watched my over 50s and 60s clients take part on half marathons, marathons, 10ks and other sports events, sometimes qualifying on the top 3 of their group. Even I got on the job and ran a half marathon with a very fit over 60 client of mine and it was an amazing day out.

It’s seeing these awe-inspiring moments and being part of their amazing lifestyle that makes me resolute to do the same. That’s why I am already planning which international competitions should I take part when I am over 50, 60, 70 … The CrossFit Games is definitely in my list. For now, I am focusing more on my over 40s competitions this year

Whatever age you are, whatever stage of the keeping-fit trail you may be at, I hope the above has inspired you more in your pursuit of health and fitness. Until next time, take care of your body, mind and soul!


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