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The Final Piece of the Puzzle

fitness puzzle

How are you? Keeping fit & well I hope. I hope that you have successfully put the other 3 pieces of the puzzle I’ve written about in place and you’re already feeling and seeing the results you want for this year.  Are you ready for the last piece of our four part puzzle?

fitness puzzleThis piece is the one that is absent in most plans and causes people to be subject to what I like to call the ‘pressure cooker syndrome’. Let me explain: it’s that very common situation when people achieve, or in most cases partially achieve their goals and straight away let the ‘pressure’ out and go back almost all the steps they walked forward. Does it sound familiar to you?

And this happens due to a lack of understanding of the ‘soft issues’ around each one of us. We are not machines; we all have individual motivations, lifestyle and environment that exert much more power over us that we can imagine. As it is a vast, very complicated and highly individual question, I have decided to focus on the two most influential pieces of this equation:

First: Your TRUE MOTIVATION. You need to remember WHY you want the end goal you’re fighting for. It is particularly important in today’s world where we are continually surrounded by distractions and fake temptations. Every morning, I read and look at images of the five most important goals I have in life. Try that, use advertising in your favour. Also competition and adversaries can be used to fire you up and keep yourself on track.

The second most important piece of this puzzle is: the power of peers. We underestimate so much the influence the society around us has in our lives. One thing I’ve learned from the CrossFit amazingly fit and healthy community is that if you hang around people that are dedicated to healthy eating and training you get more and more into it. When you compare yourself with some of the fittest people in the planet in an almost daily basis you start thinking: ‘I am not that bad… I am one of the fittest people in the pub right now’; that’s when you start achieving more and you stop settling for less than you deserve. If you look at the people watching the CrossFit games, the crowd is fitter than most professional athletes and their looks as a community is unrivalled in the whole world. What’s their biggest secret? In my opinion: the power of its community, the choice of peers. I am not telling you to change your circle of friends, but to add new peers, even online you can start to be part of a community in tune with the goals you have for your life. I can guarantee that if you take advantage of those two ingredients, your goals are going to turn in the direction you want.

Pop in to say hi and become part of our own local slice of this amazing community at Crossfit Muswell Hill. See you soon! Mx

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