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Which Somatotype are you?


How are you doing? I hope that you’ve had an amazing Christmas and you’re now recharged and ready to make this year a great success.

2017 is here, can you believe it? I barely can! When I was at the cinema in the early 80s as a kid in Brazil I would never have imagined that I would be back in the cinema in 2016 watching another Star Wars! And another Alien and Blade Runner movies in 2017! But well, here we are. Time flies, so let’s make good use of it.

How about making your health and fitness New Year’s resolutions a success this year?

If you’re up for it I can help you to get started.

When first assessing clients, a very important component of the assessment is to understand in which somatotype or ‘body type’ category the person belongs to.

Somatotypes are not ‘carved in stone’ but work very well for thinking about possible differences in metabolism, activity types, and nutritional needs.

So check out where you are and let’s see what you should be doing. There are 3 somatotypes:

ECTOMORPH – light and lean skeletal structure, ‘fast’ metabolism, excess energy tends to be expended trough activity and heat, higher carb tolerance and hormonal environment SNS and Thyroid dominant.

MESOMORPH – Medium and balanced skeletal structure, flexible metabolism, excess of energy tends to build lean mass, normal carb tolerance and hormonal environment Testosterone and growth hormone dominant.

ENDOMORPH – Heavier skeletal structure and morphology, ‘slow’ metabolism, excess of energy tends to get stored as fat, low carb tolerance and hormonal environment PNS dominant.

To make it easy to implement, I am going to try to keep the advice as simple as possible. If you are:

ECTOMORPH – You should focus on weight training, and have your macros split on: 30% protein, 50% carbs and 20% fat.

MESOMORPH – You should focus on a mix of weight training and cardio and split your macros on 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fat.

ENDOMORPH– You should focus on cardiovascular exercises and split your macros on 35% protein, 25% carbs and 40% fat.

To know the percentages of macronutrients you’re eating now, just use an App like MyNetDiary Pro. Remember: This is just an overall guideline, but it’s going to make an amazing difference overtime if you follow it and will also give you knowledge on what you’re eating and if you’re exercising in line with your body type. Any questions feel free to get in touch! See you soon!

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