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Cancer Hopeline

Cancer Hopeline

Your Personal Mentor, guiding every step of your cancer journey from diagnosis to recovery and beyond………

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and anxious as the machinery for cancer treatment can grind into action, before you’ve even caught your breath!

You Are Not Alone! I Am Here For You! I Will Listen, Support And Guide You.

With over 25 years of medical experience in cancer care, mastery level coaching and healing, i will lovingly support you every step of the way in making fully informed holistic choices for treatment.

Addressing your uniquely personal needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we will create a personalised plan of action for you to move forward with confidence and power, putting you back into the driving seat of your own recovery.

Doctors Treat Diseases, I Believe in Treating People, Healing the Source of Dis-ease.

Visit: www.cancerhopeline.com to arrange a FREE “Breakthrough To Healing” call and download the FREE E-Book “Cancer Diagnosis: A New Way Forward”

For more information please e-mail me at odette@cancerhopeline.com.

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