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David HillelWhen a baby is born, the eyes are already three-quarters of adult size.  They have less growing to do than any other part of the body.  That is why, if you draw a face and make the eyes big, the picture looks like a child.

It’s never too early to check the eyes.  At David Hillel babies and toddlers can have a checkup.  For this, it’s not necessary to be able to read.  If no trouble is suspected it’s good to start at two years old and younger if there is a query.  The NHS pays for the appointment.   This is because some eyes can grow weak but, with early attention, such “lazy eyes” can be helped or even cured, for life.  Children seem to love having their eyes checked – it’s a quick, easy, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The eyes do grow, but only a little.  If it’s just slightly too much, the person becomes short-sighted:  close-up objects remain clear but further objects become relatively indistinct.  About one UK adult in six is short-sighted and, the psychologists tell us, they do well at just about everything.

David can be contacted on David@DavidHillel.co.uk

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