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Clear Vision by David Hillel Burns

opticianEyesight is wonderful, and we need pay it little attention beyond the occasional checkup.  The checkup is simply routine maintenance.  It helps a person to make the best of their eyesight, relieve any problems associated with it, and guard against any such problems in the future.

As part of the checkup, there are lots of “which lens is clearer” questions and some people are not keen on that.  It is OK to say ‘not sure’.  Nowadays it’s not a “test”.  However, a French eye specialist in the 1870s invented a way of measuring eyesight without questions and answers, by shining a small twinkly light from arm’s length.  It’s still routinely used today.

Many people complain that their eyes water outdoors, particularly on a cold day.  This is normal, and one of those things it’s best to live with;  but, if watery eyes are more of a problem, this can sometimes be easily helped here.  So can the common complaint of “dry eyes”.  Ask for details at your checkup.

David HillelIs it all free?  The NHS still pays for a basic checkup for people under 19 and in full-time education, or over 60, or receiving certain income-related benefits (or with an HC2 or sometimes HC3 certificate – call in to apply) or with specially weak eyes, diabetes, glaucoma, or over 40 with glaucoma in the close family.

David is always happy to answer questions from local people about eyesight.  You can email him on [email protected]