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Essential Oils for Springtime

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Spring is all about light, re-growth and renewal. The air is warm and fresh, and there is a feeling of “lightness” in the atmosphere. Usually, spring essential oils represent a “coming out of the darkness”.  Citrus and floral oils are the oils most suitable for this time of year since they are energising and uplifting.

Citrus Oils

These oils are perfect for uplifting your spirits and wonderful in assisting in spring cleaning your home.  They have a fresh fragrance: it is anti-microbial, energising, warm and light. Citrus oils are also known for their anti-depressant properties that help to keep you feeling happy, positive and alive.

  • Lemon Oil * Orange Oil  *  Tangerine Oil  *  Grapefruit Oil
  • * Lime Oil *  Bergamot Oil *  Mandarin Oil

Suggested Uses:

Room fresheners – this is the best way to use citrus oils in my opinion. Put a few drops in a room diffuser, or in a bowl of hot water  and allow the oils to fragrance your room.

Surface cleaners –  try  adding  a few drops (I love lemon and bergamot) to a naturally made surface cleaner, or liquid  soap. The anti-microbial properties of citrus will work to keep your counters clean and fresh. You can even try this with laundry detergent for sheets and towels.  Add a couple of drops to your kitchen bin to keep it fresh and free from nasty odours.

For a fresh fragrance each time you open your drawers, apply a couple of drops of your favourite oil onto a cotton-wool ball and place it in the drawer with your clothes.

Floral Oils

The smell of flowers awakens our emotions and promotes memories of spring.  As we see new growth in the garden, bright colors and buds blooming for the first time of the year. Floral aromatherapy can help inspire creative thoughts and calm the body and mind, and as a result reduce stress. Lavender and geranium oils are my two favorites in the floral category.

  • Lavender Oil * Chamomile Oil  *  Jasmine Oil  *  Rose Oil
  • * Geranium Oil * Palmarosa Oil  * Rosemary Oil

Suggested Uses:

Dilute and rub on neck or wrists – Lavender is one of the few oils we do not need to dilute before applying to the body. For the others, dilute in a small amount of carrier oil and rub on the skin. The aroma and absorption effects will help keep body and mind in perfect balance

Add to shampoo – Rosemary oil is a great oil to add to shampoo.  You could also try rose, chamomile or lavender.

Shower Gel  – A hot, steamy shower with a few drops of citrus oil will be the perfect aromatherapy treatment to start (or end) your day.

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