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What Gets You Moving?... Incentives

How are you? Hope that you’re keeping fit and healthy?

Thanks for all the emails about last month’s article. I’ve had a lot of response, and that was my goal: to make you think in a different way about something you do every day i.e. what you eat. Sometimes I need to grab your attention through your emotions and get you to think deeply about a topic; and one of the reasons nutrition is an extremely important topic when we talk about health and fitness is because even us trainers have few days off training a month but nobody takes a day off food. Everything that we do daily should be thought through. A small mistake repeated daily for few years can have catastrophic results, in all areas in life not just nutrition e.g. finance or parenthood.

So let’s get to this month’s topic: INCENTIVES. What? Some of you must be thinking… Here he goes again! What does that have to do with fitness?! And my answer is: EVERYTHING. We humans are moved by incentives: Financial, moral, social, in all its forms.

So why not analyse what drives us towards this or that direction and take that into account when planning our health and fitness training and nutrition programme?

I have just finished reading ‘Think Like A Freak’ from Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner (the guys behind Freakonomics and Super-Freakonomics) and it got me thinking: What could I do to incentivise my clients to move closer towards their goals? So I have decided to create an incentive programme. Actually I have decided to ask YOU to do it for me! Why? Because I have the mindset of an athlete and you have a much similar mindset to my clients and friends, therefore the incentives that move you are the same incentives that move my clients. And how will I incentivise you to do that? Well, the top 3 ideas sent to me via email will receive a complimentary special personal goal setting and personal training session with me in November, just in time to start thinking about those extra Christmas calories 😉 So get thinking and writing, the ideas have to be sent to me by the 18th of October.

Here are some tips:

Think about what people really care about, not about what they say they care about.

I am going to be measuring end goals and results, so the incentive scheme will have to take that into account.

Use this exercise to learn about yourself and what makes you move in the right or wrong direction, and create your own personal health and fitness incentive system.

And finally put it into use! Well, hope to hear from you via email [email protected] and good luck with your ideas! Hope to meet you for our session in November!


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