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Healing hands are making a real difference to health

Indian Head Massage

“You don’t have to believe in it, but something IS going on.”

Healer, Alison Grunwald, examines new evidence that spiritual healing works

In an unassuming building the United Reformed Church in Pond Square, Highgate, a dedicated group of ordinary people are doing some truly remarkable things. They are all healers, using the harnessed energy which flows through their hands to bring relief from pain and anxiety to whoever walks through the door.

All members of The Healing Trust, these gifted men and women volunteer each Tuesday evening from 5 – 8 pm to ease conditions as diverse as arthritis, migraine, cancer, ME, depression and insomnia. They do not replace vital medical care but work alongside the treatments doctors provide.

Healing has been taking place at the United Reformed church, built in 1859, for over 25 years. Although healing is free to anyone in financial need, a small donation of £6 is requested, in order to offset rental and running costs. Anything over and above this is gratefully received. Appointments are not required.

The only places on their body clients are physically touched (with their prior consent) are on their shoulders and feet.  The healer works around them with their hands some inches away, channelling natural energy to all the chakras in turn. The energy released helps to boost the body’s own immune response by relaxing the whole system, releasing tension and restoring the balance of mind, body and spirit. It allows the body to return to ‘neutral’ which gently restores health. This is often seen in the days following the healing session.

For the sceptical – a book by healer, Sandy Edwards, provides fascinating reading. “Healing in a Hospital” is the result of a painstaking study of NHS patients attending a clinic for longstanding, painful bowel disorders.

Given five healing sessions and asked to fill out self-assessment questionnaires over a number of weeks, the results were collated by university researchers and showed clearly that the quality of their lives had improved substantially and remained good months later. This controlled medical trial of healing took two years and involved 200 hospital patients. It provides clear scientific evidence that spiritual healing improves health.

Nora, says she has felt tangible benefits from healing at Highgate: ‘’I was suffering from vertigo and gout and was being treated by the GP, but since coming to the centre I hardly ever have to take my anti-inflammatory tablets. It’s a time when I can totally switch off and my whole body relaxes from head to toe. After my first healing, I realised I never really relaxed.”

Jane told me: “Healing is helpful because it helps me cope with pain.  It balances me and calms me down at all levels.  I find the centre incredibly calm. The healers are exceptional; they are gently supportive and they take you as you are. I feel fully recognised and acknowledged.”

For more information contact: jo.pethybridge@gmail.com

Or visit: www.thehealingtrust.org.uk  Tel: 01604 603247

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