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do what you love

This article finds me sitting on a boat in the Ile d’Yeu, a charming little island off the Atlantic coast of France.

Chilling here in the gorgeous evening sunshine contemplating our forthcoming dinner ashore reminds me of the Dalai Lama, who says we should visit somewhere new at least once a year, and that’s exactly what we hope to do – discover another enchanting harbour, perhaps rest at anchor in a quiet little creek, who knows?

The Indian guru Osho used to say, “life should be a flow from the known towards the unknown.” That’s one of the great things about sailing – no two days are the same and you can never be quite sure what to expect.

Sailing for me is an affair of the heart, meaning I’m putting my money where my mouth is – i.e. doing what I love, loving what I do. As much as possible.

I recommend this to all my clients and every reader of this column – not necessarily going sailing, but just doing what you love. And not necessarily to earn a living. I choose to spend what money I have on boating.

Never let money issues stand in the way of doing what you love. Make conscious choices about how you spend your money and enjoy every penny. And don’t indulge in poverty consciousness. If you believe you’ll never have money you won’t, it’s that simple. Better to think about, and manifest, abundance.

Robert Kyosaki, an extremely rich wealth guru, advises instead of saying to yourself “I can’t afford it,” it’s much better to ask yourself, “how can I afford it?”

I’ve tried that myself and it really works. Saying you can’t afford something immediately shuts down any possibility of you ever being able to afford it. It becomes a self-limiting belief and you give up. But asking yourself how you could afford something invites your creative imagination to motivate you to create the abundance you desire. You open possibilities for yourself, like Barack Obama did when he said, “yes we can.” Instead of giving up or continuing to do something that isn’t working, you try something new, again and again until you get your heart’s desire.

Someone said to me, “we can’t have everything we want. It’s impossible for all of us to live the dream.” “Why not,” says I? I challenge anyone to give me one logical reason why we shouldn’t or can’t live the dream.

Let me put it this way. When I was a child my parents used to take me on holiday to sunny seaside places and I would spend ages gazing out to sea at the horizon, watching the far away sailing boats go slowly by, and I would wish that just for a few moments I could be on board one of those graceful vessels. But at the time I believed it was impossible, for I knew nobody with a boat who might take me afloat.

Fast forward to the present and if you wish to find me you’ll have to come to the Atlantic coast of France where I actually am living the dream, just for a few summery weeks.

I don’t say this to boast. I share this because I want everyone reading this to start to believe they can live their life to the max. There is nothing extraordinary about living the dream. I’m just an ordinary bloke who chose to follow his heart, make suitable decisions and take the appropriate actions to get what I wanted. I urge everyone to do likewise.

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