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The surprising benefits of getting to know your boobs.

Signs of breast cancer

What happens at 23? For most people it’s probably a combination of uni, travelling with mates, looking for the elusive interesting but well-paid graduate job and having a lot of fun in the process. And, if you’re not so lucky, breast cancer. At least, that’s what happened to CoppaFeel! founder, Kris Hallenga.

At age 23 Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer (which is what it’s called when cancerous cells spread around your body, FYI). In Kris’ case the cancer had found a home in her spine, meaning that it was – and is – incurable. As a carefree twenty-something, a bombshell like cancer was not something she’d bargained for, in fact breast cancer was firmly not on Kris’ radar. Or most young people’s. So she decided to do something about it.

Three months after her diagnosis, Kris founded CoppaFeel!, in a bid to ensure people like you start showing some love to their boobs and pecks (we’re talking to you too, fellas). You might have seen CoppaFeel!’s boob clad volunteers educating the masses at festivals or even have spotted our Uni Boob Teams talking knockers on your campus. Why? Because we want you to know that getting to know your boobs could save your life. Too many women and men die of breast cancer due to late detection. This is unnecessary.

Which brings us to the crucial bit. You need to be checking your boobs. Regularly. Whether it’s in the shower, as you read this in bed, or as you sit in the library (if you pick the latter, we promise it will spice up revision). If you get to know what your boobs look and feel like normally, it will be easy to spot anything that’s not right. And should that be anything serious, early diagnosis means better and more effective treatment options.

If you need reminding, we have that covered too. You can sign up for free text reminders direct from Boob HQ to your phone. Just text “BOOBS” to 70300 for your free monthly message (check out the terms and conditions here. Or order one of our waterproof shower stickers. They give you all the info on the signs and symptoms you need to keep an eye out for, and they’re free. Win win.

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