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The Woodberry Foot Health Clinic was started by Mr Livingstone 20 years ago. Since then we have been treating the foot and muscular problems of Muswell Hill and surrounding area and as medicine has improved and changed so has the range of services we offer.  Mr Livingstone himself has gone from a young just 2-year qualified clinician to now Consultant Podiatrist for Barnet & Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust. He now practises in Harley Street, Spire Bushey Hospital and The Clementine Churchill Hospital, however he still remains based at and lives in Muswell Hill. In addition to Mr Livingstone, Leoni Kohler has been working in the Woodberry Foot Health Clinic for nearly 10 years and Matthew Peirce has joined us recently. All are HPC registered and happy to see you for your foot health needs.


Podiatrists have a wide variety of clinical practices, in that with one patient they may function as a dermatologist dealing with skin lesions such as verrucae, corns and callosity. Ingrown nails are a common problem with many myths surrounding them. Surgery for them is often painless and highly successful but often they can be addressed without the need for it. We see problems from systemic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes. Children may have problems with their muscular skeletal function as the bones and muscular develop. Runners, footballers and athletes will bring out the sports medicine specialist with Podiatry

Abnormalities in how we walk can also be assessed and treated. Orthotics (shoe inserts) can be prescribed to improve foot function and reduce pain caused by poor foot posture (such as ‘fallen arches’ or ‘flat feet’).Feet are complex structures that act in a functional and sensory way to allow locomotion and stance. As Hippocrates is quoted as saying “if your feet hurt you hurt all over!”

As winter recedes and we all become more active, if you have any foot problems, pain from running or are concerned about your children’s feet for friendly advice and help, call us on 020 8883 6079.

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