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How to Travel Light for Holidays

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Do you always find yourself sitting on your suitcase trying to get it shut when you’re about to head on holiday? It doesn’t matter where in the world you go or what type of holiday you’re going on – you’ll need to pack a case of some kind. The trick is knowing how to pack light so you don’t end up taking unnecessary items with you.

Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Pack light clothing wherever possible

Not light in colour but in weight. Jeans are far heavier and take up more room than lightweight trousers for example. If you’re going somewhere cold look for clothing especially designed for that situation. You can get fleeces that are lightweight but still keep you toasty warm for example.

Leave some stuff to buy when you get there

Don’t bother with shampoo, conditioner or any other beauty items unless you’ll need them the moment you get there or on the journey itself. These are cheap enough to buy and they’ll free up a lot of space.

Think mix and match

Don’t pack outfits that won’t go with anything else. If everything can be worn with everything else, you’ve got lots of potential outfits for very little actual clothing.

Wear heavy, travel light

If you do have heavier clothing items you want to take with you, wear them for the journey. That way you’ll still have them for your holiday but you won’t have to find room for them in your suitcase.

Use space saver travel bags

These are superb. The idea is you put your clothing in them and then roll the bag down on itself to remove all the air. No need for a vacuum to do this either, so it works for the trip home too. Each bag reduces down far more than you’d imagine, giving you more room than you’d have otherwise.

Use multi-purpose clothing wherever you can

Zip-off trousers are great for walking or hiking for example. Zip off the bottoms and you’ve got an instant pair of shorts. For the beach you could take a lightweight kaftan to cover up over a bikini or swimming costume, and also to wear as a shirt.

Make the most of your carry-on

If you are travelling abroad you have a carry-on to organise as well as your main case. Make sure this works hard for you too. Keep all essentials in there and try and ensure everything has more than one purpose. For example can you get hand moisturiser that also sanitises your hands?

Learn lessons from previous holidays

It is incredibly easy to pack more than you need. Think back to previous holidays and try and remember how many things you packed, only to bring them home again without touching them. Leave those items at home this time too. Give yourself plenty of time to pack too. There seems to be a correlation between time available and the success (or not) of your packing efforts!

Have fun x

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