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Getting a New Pet

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Welcoming a new member to your family of the furry variety is obviously very exciting and can improve your life in many ways. However, it is also a decision that requires a lot of thought and planning as having a pet is a huge responsibility.

There are many factors to consider before getting a new pet and these will depend on what species and which breed you choose. However, whether it’s a guinea pig or a Great Dane, every responsibly cared for pet requires time, money and a lot of love.

If you do decide you wish to embark on the great adventure that is pet ownership and have a species in mind, then you next have to decide where to find this special pet. There are plenty of lovely animals in desperate need of new homes at rehoming centres such as Battersea dog’s home or the Cat’s Protection, which can be contacted for advice. Alternatively, if you wish to acquire your pet from a breeder, then there is useful information about finding a suitable one both on the Kennel Club and Dog Advisory Council’s websites.

These give advice on avoiding puppy farms which are breeders that do not act accordingly in regards to the health or welfare of either the mother or puppies. It is essential to make sure the breeding has been responsibly carried out and that the puppies or kittens have been given the appropriate care in those important first few months. When visiting breeders, make sure you ask questions and insist on seeing the mother. Observe the conditions of the setup. Are the animals housed appropriately and do they appear healthy and not stressed.

Once you have chosen and welcomed your newest family member to the household, it is very important to get them to a vet for a health check and to discuss what further steps need to be taken to ensure they are best protected to start their young lives as healthily as possible.

Pet health insurance is recommended in all cases because there is no NHS for pets and the cost of veterinary treatment can add up very quickly should your pet become unwell or have an accident. There are a broad array of insurance options, so make sure to shop around and don’t simply go for the cheapest available. Lifetime cover, whereby the animal will be covered for any condition they might develop for life are better than annual policies.

At PetVet, we are always available for any advice you might have before choosing a pet and offer free puppy, kitten and rabbit checks in which we give your new furry friend a full and thorough clinical examination to make sure they are in good health. Then additionally, we discuss in detail our preventative health plan covering everything you need to know including insurance options as well as, vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, oral care, neutering and microchipping. Furthermore, we can advise you on the best diet for your pet and for puppies offer training and socialisation classes, which are so key in the healthy development of a young puppy.

Please call us to arrange an appointment or for any questions you may have.

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