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Why Should You Use A Professional Dog Groomer For Your Dog?

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Grooming is a vital part of the well-being and health of your dog and can improve their lifespan. All Breeds require grooming – how much depends on the breed, age, or health of your pet. A groom maintains the quality of the coat and its condition. Almost all dogs shed, so taking out that unwanted hair makes them feel happier.  A matted coat is uncomfortable and can cause skin to be raw and sore.  Nobody wants their dog to suffer, but a lot of people just don’t realise that is what is happening.

It is important to note that while many dogs shed, others do not shed as much and require grooming by a professional no more than every 6–8 weeks.  Poodle crosses, for instance, don’t moult so they need to be regularly brushed and have the ends trimmed.  A terrier needs its coat stripped from eight weeks depending on the breed, while a Labrador, bull terrier or pug just need a regular bath.

We have been grooming dogs for 15 years and in Muswell Hill, Highgate & Crouch End for the past three. We offer a free consultation to discuss the specific requirements of your dog.

So much more than a wash and brush-up

Have you ever had your hair in a ponytail that was too tight? A mat can feel the same way to your dog — a constant pull on the skin. Try to imagine those all over your body, and you have an idea how uncomfortable an ungroomed coat can be.

A coat without matts, burrs and tangles, as well as skin free of fleas, is like the feeling of putting on fresh, clean clothes for you. It is more comfortable and makes you feel good, and the effect is the same for your pet.

What is involved in a groom?

It depends on the breed, but a full groom consists of a bath with natural shampoo, fluff dry, brush out and dematting (if necessary) and styling to the client’s requirements, either Breed standard or to a personalised style.  Our bathing process has been perfected over the past 10 years and we use high-quality products so the treatment lasts longer.  The styling is created using clippers or scissoring, if we aren’t hand stripping.  Included in our full service is cleaning the ears, plucking any unwanted hairs and trimming around the eyes, paw trim, hygiene trim and clipping and filing of the nails.

Finally, a good groomer can pick up health issues owner may not notice.  It’s always rewarding to have that confirmation from a vet.

The key is to find a place where your pet is happy. At Doggone Fabulous we pride ourselves on not caging dogs and offer 1 to 1 care.

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