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Tennis Dave Robson

I’m a keen spectator of top class tennis, especially Wimbledon. There is much we can learn from this sport to benefit our daily lives, but don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with a treatise on how to play tennis. I use tennis in this context as a compelling metaphor for many of life’s challenges.

Have you noticed how the top players all have the amazing capacity to raise their game when under pressure, instead of just caving in and giving up? This is something we ordinary mortals can do in our own daily lives as we are confronted by our most important challenges, and if we emulate this example, we will achieve far more than we ever dreamed possible.

Let’s delve a bit deeper:

Tennis is nothing other than extreme physical and psychological warfare. This goes right to the heart of your mindset, your motivation and what your goal is. Does your goal truly come from your heart, and does it mean everything to you? Will you do whatever it takes that’s legal and ethical to make it happen? You can develop the necessary habit of perseverance if you believe in yourself and your goal, and you are motivated by a burning desire. So how do we do that?

Think about what you are like: when faced with the prospect of failure or defeat, do you give up and hide, or do you try again?

This is where my tennis analogy comes in. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again while expecting a better result. The only way to succeed when you try again is by first raising your game. And you can do that by asking yourself, “what can I do to make it better next time?”

You may believe you have already done your best, but there’s always room for improvement. When you think you’ve done your best, that’s precisely the moment to ask yourself that vital question, “what can I do to make it better next time?” Thus you start to develop an invincible, forward moving, positive mindset, for you are asking your higher self for inspiration and creative ideas, which will always come to you if you are genuinely open to receiving them.

By empowering yourself this way, your self-belief will rocket. And then, as long as you persevere, it’s only a matter of time before your goal is achieved.

The key to being happy with your achievements is to ensure you pursue goals that are meaningful to you, and in accordance with your natural ability, talent or calling. All else is a waste of your, and everyone else’s, valuable time.

Be guided by my mantra, “do what you love, love what you do.”

Life’s too short to do what you feel half-hearted about. When you do what you love, you automatically love what you do, and the potential for achieving excellence arises. Then your life will take on new meaning and purpose.

Let’s not play small. Let’s see what we’re made of. No more excuses – let’s go all out to make our dreams come true by doing whatever we have to do to make what we offer better.


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