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10 best destinations for your family holiday


Holidaying with your family should be a chance to have the time of your life with treasured memories for everyone. So, where’s best to go for an unbeatable family holiday?

HolidayHypermarket.co.uk is just one of the many fantastic tour operators out there, offering trips with everything from kids’ clubs to countless activities and all-inclusive holidays.

Check out the below 10 picks for value-for-money family escapes across the world.

1. Menorca, Spain

Just a two-and-a-half-hour flight from the UK, Menorca is a wonderful beach destination for the whole family. One of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Menorca boasts family-friendly beaches in abundance and a chilled family atmosphere.

There’s all manner of accommodation to choose from, including apartments, hotels and villas – perfect for all budgets and tastes.

The island is most popular in the summer months but as it gets pretty cold in the winter, Menorca’s resorts aren’t open.

2. Greek Islands

Families are spoilt for choice when it comes to Greek islands as the country boasts over one hundred. Greece also provides a whole host of holiday choices for the family and the locals are so incredibly friendly.

Family favourites include Rhodes, Crete, Kos and Corfu, all of which have plenty of family-friendly resorts and safe beaches. There are lots of activities and places to eat at – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Watch out, though. Temperatures can reach over 30 degrees, so make sure your accommodation has air conditioning for little ones. The best thing? The islands can be reached in just three and a half hours from the UK.

3. The Algarve, Portugal

With its golden beaches and balmy temperatures, Portugal’s southern coast is popular with Brits.

Easily accessed from the UK with an extensive range of value-for-money accommodation, it’s no wonder holidaymakers come back year after year.

There are loads of family-friendly places to eat out together with activities galore – from tennis to diving.

In the summer months, temperatures don’t get overly hot and it’s also a firm favourite with families in the winter. With heaps of self-catering apartments, a wide range of villas and bags of holiday resorts, Portugal is a perfect, budget-friendly choice for a family holiday.

4. Florida, U.S.A

Why not take the family on an adventurous trip to Florida? Bursting with theme parks, fun and water parks, there’s more than enough to keep the whole family entertained. Eating out is fairly easy on the pocket with lots of food cuisines to choose from.

For peace of mind, you could plump for a holiday home and car hire or even a house with a private pool.

Fancy a change from the theme parks? The beaches outside of Orlando are spectacular. Be sure to visit Clearwater and Daytona. Don’t miss a trip to Miami, the Florida Keys or the Everglades where you can get close to nature.

5. Egypt

So long as you avoid the hottest times of the year in the school holidays, Egypt is perfect for kids. Get involved with snorkelling in the Red Sea and discover ancient tombs, pyramids and mummies.

While the culture isn’t anything like Europe’s, little ones will find it super exciting, not to mention adventurous as they tour around with you or relax at your beach resort.

Don’t miss sailing on the Nile, scaling over prehistoric monuments and, of course, winding down in your hotel. Just be sure to book one with a pool!

To prevent any upset tummies, take care with the food out here. Bring a bottle of antiseptic gel to clean your hands before you eat. Go easy on the fruit and spicy food for a couple of days until your stomach acclimatises. It’s best to opt for freshly cooked food and avoid buffets where food has been sitting around in warming trays for unknown lengths of time.

6. Mexico

As well as getting a tan and experiencing all manner of beach activities, Mexico gives families the chance to discover historic trips and check out Mayan ruins. You’ll no doubt find the country’s ancient history utterly fascinating.

Resorts are fairly Americanised, making them family-friendly while hotels cater for holidaymakers of all ages with lots providing kids’ clubs.

7.Kerala, India

If you’re a family looking to experience India at a less hectic pace, then Kerala will fit the bill. The charming town of Fort Cochin, a relaxing quarter in Kochi, is lined with good hotels and eateries. The tranquil backwaters are easily accessible via a day trip boat from here.

Experience staying overnight on serene waterways in a houseboat made of wood and palm leaves in Alappuzha (Alleppey) or Kumbakonam.

Children will adore Kerala’s national parks and Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary where they’ll spot elephants.

8. Puglia, Italy

Sitting in the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia is a wonderful spot for a family holiday in the sunshine. With limitless unspoiled beaches, the real magnet is the Salento Peninsula. Also worth a visit is the coastal town of Otranto which is home to a massive castle.

Equally beautiful is Puglia’s countryside, namely the enchanted Trulli. Kids will love spotting the pint-sized limestone houses with pointed roofs peppered across the area. Be sure to visit the UNESCO-protected Alberobello – the town is literally teeming with trulli. Why not spend a night here for some extra fun?

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

Home to tons of fun, educational attractions, the Scottish capital is perfect for everyone. Perhaps what makes Edinburgh so popular are its festivals. There are 12 major festivals across the year, like the well-known Fringe, from a storytelling celebration to a science fest.

If you don’t manage to get there during the festival season, the Camera Obscura will guarantee some great family photo opportunities and there’s the Museum of Childhood where you can reminisce and the little ones can stay entertained.

10. Nairobi, Kenya

Sure, the collapsing city might not seem like the most practical of places to go with children. However, Nairobi boasts some really awesome child-friendly places to see. Nairobi National Park is the ultimate family day out for wildlife watching where you’ll see the likes of lions, giraffes, zebras and leopards wandering free.

To get up close and personal with nature, pay a visit to the Giraffe Centre – you’ll get to feed these elegant, long-necked creatures from a raised gallery. Kids will also love The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where orphaned elephants are rehabilitated and prepared for life in the wild.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration for planning a family getaway, we hope you’ll get the most out of your holiday by picking one of the above best family holiday destinations.

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