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The Highgate Society has produced the first two of a series of five fully illustrated pocket booklets, covering a nine mile circular walk around London’s ‘Northern Heights’, highlighting the unique character of the area. The walk combines many of the less frequented historic streets of Highgate, along with the more famous stately houses, landscaped gardens and parks, that surround Hampstead Heath and its environs.

The first two booklets, ‘Highgate Village to Kenwood House’ and ‘Highgate Village to Parliament Hill Fields’, take in around 120 points of interest, from rural Pond Square in the heart of Highgate, to the former residences of the great English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and novelist and playwright J B Priestley.  The second walk includes landmarks such as Highgate Cemetery, Cromwell and Lauderdale Houses, and Waterlow Park with its exceptional views over London.

The points of interest divide almost equally into those of natural and scientific interest, heritage buildings, places associated with historically famous people, and illustrations of Britain’s social history.

Richard Webber who originally came up with the idea, said ‘an increasing number of tourists are coming to Highgate, and there’s so much more to see in the area than people realise. We’d like to bring even more tourists, particularly in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics’.

Each walk starts and ends at a point easily accessible by public transport, and includes a detailed route map with places for refreshment on the way.

The booklets cost £3 each and are available from local shops, or via the Highgate Society website www.highgatesociety.com.

Further information:

Highgate Society, PR – Sue Vinson – 07779 714 215

Richard Webber – 020 8340 3034                                                                    September 2011

The Highgate Society aims to make the whole of Highgate a better place in which to live, work and play, now and in the future. Founded forty-five years ago, it plays a vital role in the community by monitoring development proposals, transport issues, the protection of the conservation Area and open spaces. 

10a South Grove, London N6 6BS

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