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Calling all Book Lovers!

Book Club Totteridge

Do you love ‘real’ books? The touch, the feel, the smell? Being able to mark words or passages that touch you. And being able to keep those special ones that you can return to time and again. You may have forgotten them but sometimes they turn up just at the right time – they become your friends. Books can open our hearts and minds, inspire and console us, make us laugh and cry and expand our world.

Does a visit to a Bookshop fill you with joy? There is something magical about bookshops …. Walking through the door to another world. A safe place where we might find books we never knew we wanted as well as the ones we are looking for.

If all or some of this resonates with you, then our Real Book Club may be of interest. It is informal and unusual in that there is not one book that you have to read. There are too many books and not enough time to read those we really don’t fancy! Instead, it is for anyone who has a love or passion for books. The idea is to chat about our thoughts over a cup of tea or coffee and cake. To share and recommend any books, poems or words that we love. Then some or all of us may read one of these and discuss them.

We meet on alternate Thursday mornings at a lovely vintage tea shop on Totteridge Lane called The Waiting Room.

Contact – Michelle on 07956 547 514 or by email at [email protected]

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