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Kitchen Sink Dharma

Yoga Teacher

Dharma is a Sanskrit term meaning a sense of right action, purpose and inspiration. I’ve used it here as a pun. I came to yoga at drama school whilst training as an actor. I also practice yoga in my kitchen whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or preparing dinner. The countertops are a perfect height for helping get into an asana.

What’s so good about your classes?

I was very fortunate to meet a fantastic yoga teacher in 2003 in Muswell Hill. She was newly qualified and for the best part of a year I was her only student. Roll forward 16 years and she is a highly respected teacher with a strong following. I benefited greatly from the one on one tuition and wasn’t intimidated by other students in a big class. Today I attend lots of different classes confidently.

Where do you teach?

I hold regular classes at gyms and yoga centres throughout London and I have an increasing number of private clients who I work with in their homes. They prefer to work this way to build their confidence, develop an understanding of asana/poses and learn the technique of getting into each pose.

For more information or to book a session:

Call Seamus 07715 663199

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