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Ask Alfie January 2016

Q. I’m not having much luck with my attempts at composting. Can you give some tips to help me achieve better results? A. Good composting is a highly individual matter and [...]


Q. We’ve just moved into a fairly typical town house sized garden, about 20m by 6m. There’s not much in the borders and we’d like it to be a productive edible garden. [...]

Ask Alfie August 2014

Gardening Tips by Alfie Bines Can you suggest some evergreen ornamental grasses for a fairly sunny location. Of the properly evergreen varieties these are some of the best [...]

Ask Alife

Gardening tips by Alfie Bines Q. I’m planting my summer bedding plants and it seems a shame to have to throw them away at the end of the season. Are there varieties of [...]

Ask Alfie

Q. Can you suggest some evergreen climbers to cover my fence?   A. Of all the general categories of plants, I find this has one of the most limited ranges to choose, [...]

Ask Alfie – February 2014

Q. Can you suggest some plants with long flowering periods? A. In answering this question I should firstly point out that although a long flowering period is a real bonus in [...]

Ask Alfie: January 2014

Q. My lawn is in a poor state. It’s covered in moss and there are also areas which are more mud than grass. Is there anything I can do to improve it at this time of year? [...]

Ask Alfie!

Q. My Leylandii hedge is getting far too tall and is becoming a nuisance to maintain. Can you suggest a more suitable evergreen hedge which we can manage at around 5ft in [...]

Ask Alfie

Q. What bulbs can I plant to encourage bees and pollinating insects next year? A. This is a big subject with concerns over declining bee populations being a significant news [...]

Ask Alfie

Q1. What’s the best way (if any) to re-use compost from summer plants? If we can’t what’s the best way to recycle it? If the potting compost was new for your summer [...]
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