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Arc Vets


January’s vaccination reminders are now landing on the mats of clients whose pet I vaccinated this time last year. Just as you thought the list of jobs has ended another [...]


Noise phobias in dogs are very common, some dogs find thunder very distressing or even the hoover but by far the biggest cause is Bonfire night and the associated [...]

Doggy Years

I found myself reading with interest the recent article on dog ageing and whether the old adage of seven human years to one dog rings true. I had got maybe two thirds of the [...]

One Health

Jasper the Dachshund walks again! A fantastic headline for Jasper, Jasper’s owners but also for veterinary medicine. Jasper, a 10 year old dachshund had lost the use of his [...]


Dogs don’t tend to like fireworks as much as their masters. Whilst we’re cooing outside, poor Fido is often inside cowering in the corner. By the time you read this the [...]
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