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Spring is around the corner

London is full of bright green shoots and buds, birdsong and blossom. Gardens are slowly filling up with colour, and alongside early flowering tulips, there are plenty of [...]

Attract wildlife to your garden

Bring your garden to life by choosing the right plants. Sit back and watch the butterflies, birds and various insects. Here are a few plants to try. Hawthorn. A native hedge [...]

Ask Alfie – May

Q. I am a Prince fanatic and in tribute to the legend I think some purple plants are in order. Foliage or flowers for a typical town garden, not very sunny, nasty London [...]

Difficult Sites

In London, most of us have a small outdoor space that is less than ideal! Neighbouring buildings, boundary fences and walls, trees and hedges, often outside our control, [...]

Ask Alfie – September 2016

Q.Why have my 2 blueberry bushes only given me 10 berries between them when my uncle’s single bush has fed almost all of Church Stretton?! A.To answer your question I [...]

Ask Alfie March 2016

Q. I noticed on your Twitter feed that you’d identified Ribes Sanguineum flowering early in Alexandra Park. Can I buy this shrub or could I take a cutting? A. You should be [...]
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