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All Sorted for the New Year?

St James Associate Vicar

Winter shelter appealAlthough we’re still in the middle of winter, the New Year brings with it a sense of anticipation, a fresh start and new beginnings with Spring just around the corner.

It can also bring a sense of high expectation to get our lives sorted out – which can be a mixed blessing. It’s great if this motivates us to new challenges and helps us to plan for the coming year; not so great, however, if it puts us under a pressure many of us feel but can do without.  Good resolutions are those which inspire us, not such good ones make us feel inadequate as we constantly strive for something better.

All our lives are messy – full of highs and lows, joys and disappointments.  For every person feeling content and expectant at the beginning of this New Year, someone else will be facing struggles and challenges in family life, with health, finances, a job  (or lack of one) or maybe with work-life balance.  Most of us will face a mixture of both in 2013.  One thing is for sure, none of us knows exactly what lies ahead.

There’s a common misconception that only sorted people come to church. We can confirm that this is not true!  Christians have messy lives too and are just as likely to break our New Year’s resolution as the next person.

The Good News is that we believe that Jesus accepts us and meets us where we are in life – wherever that is.  Jesus said: “I have come that they might have life and have it to the full”.

That’s why at St James our New Year’s resolution isn’t to sort ourselves out and make ourselves better people.  Instead, everything we do in the coming year will be motivated by our aim as a church ”To Live as Jesus Lived. To love as Jesus Loved” and we’ll try to follow His example in our own lives and in our community.

We’d love to welcome you to our church either to a Sunday service or to one of our weekday activities. The church and bookshop are open each day and we run a Community Café on Tuesdays between10am – 12noon. Please drop in if you’re passing.

There are also some special events coming up including “Spotlight” a concert on Friday 25 January at 7.30pm featuring gospel and solo artists.

St James Associate VicarHappy New Year from everyone at St James. We hope to see you soon, sorted or not.

Revd Gaz Daly,  Associate Vicar

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