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Are you ready for 2014?

Hello. How are you doing? Hope that you’re all keeping super healthy and getting fitter and fitter.

I don’t believe that it’s November already! I have just turned 40 and my daughter’s first birthday is just around the corner, then it’s Christmas and 2014 kicks off! Amazing isn’t it? Probably more of you also feel like that, that this year passed as fast as ………… And that just reassures my line of thought that in life if we don’t have plans and deadlines, time flies by and we feel like OMG what did I do last year? Meeting mates for drinks and watching ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Strictly come Dancing’ doesn’t count, here we are talking about progress and achievements.

So many of us start the New Year almost like in the film ‘GROUNDHOG DAY’ feeling like “Here I am again at the same point I was last year”. But if are ready to try it again that’s not a bad place to be. It means that you haven’t given up on your dreams and goals yet. But how can you change it for better this time?

First, there is still around six weeks till 2014 and bearing in mind we can do a whole body transformation programme in 12 weeks that’s 50%, so not that bad. So how about starting now and set yourself for success?

First last break some of the big myths surrounding this time of the year: ‘It’s Party Season so it’s impossible to diet!’  That’s not really true because the statistics show there are only 4 parties the majority of us will attend during the ‘Party Season’:  Our work Christmas event, family Christmas, Boxing Day and NYE party. Everything else is probably just a good excuse for some extra drinks. I personally have one day off a week when I can eat everything I want. That means that even if you have an extra 50% more parties than the average person to attend, you can still be on track! You have to love maths and statistics don’t you!

Another big myth we need to break is ‘following a diet means eat very little and only boring things’. No! I eat a lot, I mean a lot of the right things at the right times and it’s definitely not boring, a lot of fish, poultry, meat, vegetables. It feels so good when you’re eating well and taking care not only of your looks but taking care of your health and long term goals. Even the food on the day off (the so called ‘cheat day’ by bodybuilders) feels better than if you had it all the time.

And finally get moving! Get some running trainers and hit the woods, get the dog out for a nice long walk, and when you’re ready to step up come to say hi at the studio to get a proper training programme or check out my previous articles for some great programmes for you to follow and get on your best shape ever! That’s it, 2014 is just around the corner – so take the plunge and make it the year you are at your fittest and healthiest too!

See you soon!

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