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Hi everybody hope that you’re all well, super healthy & fit! Thank you so much for all the emails about last month’s article. By the number of emails I have received, definitely ‘Crouchenders’  and ‘Muswellhillians’ are a health & fitness tuned population!

As many people emailed me asking the same questions, I have decided to answer the most asked question last month as I believe more of you probably have the same doubts. Here we go: Most asked question: CAN I CHANGE MY BODY SHAPE? The answer is YES! (a big fat yes) definitely. We cannot change our body type (Ectomorph – tall and skinny, Mesomorph – medium height & weight and Endomorph – shorter with heavier body) but we all can change our body shape. I see it happening every month.

endomorphSo how can we achieve that? We only need 3 things: a strategy adequate to your body type and actual situation, an end goal and dedication. There is no magic secret or short cut. This is it: dedication and hard (enjoyable) work. Everybody is an individual case but in general if you’re an Endomorph or Mesomorph you have to maintain a diet with very little carbohydrates and sugars, and rich in protein, non root vegetables and a strategic amount of healthy fats. Training wise you should opt for a mixture of high intensity circuits like CrossFit and a high volume of cardio. If you’re Ectomorph, generally you would benefit from a diet with more carbohydrates paired with protein, vegetables and a strategic amount of healthy fats. Training wise you would have to train on ‘split days’ to change your shape, with relatively low cardio.

You should always consult a fitness professional to design your individual nutrition plan and workout programme but right now you can start with a bit of cardio doing some laps at Highgate Woods and cutting the unhealthy choices from your daily diet.

If you want a personalised programme and goal setting just send us an email to book an appointment or pop in to say hi at the studio. And just an idea : Now is a great time to get training and eating properly so you’re going to be many steps ahead of everybody else when the race for a healthy & fit body starts in January first.

See you soon!

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