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Marcelo MonacoIn a culture where being healthy and fit is a way of life — it’s no surprise that more and more “baby boomers” are lacing up their trainers and heading to the gym. And that’s great news because fitness equals longevity. Studies have shown that exercise will reduce the risk of developing cancer, heart disease and many other health issues.

A successful boomer fitness programme needs special attention in few areas. Firstly, make sure that you warm up properly prior to training. Include a little cardio, dynamic stretches and core activation exercises.

Then you can start working on Balance Training – because we see in this age group a loss of balance which results in more falls. Balance training can be great fun and results can be achieved very quickly.

The second important area to include on a boomers programme: Core Activation. To properly support the upper torso and avoid back pains boomers should pay special attention to core exercises, working on the abs and lower back.

Marcelo MonacoNow you’re ready for some cardio. This includes walking, running, swimming, biking, the opportunities are endless. Choose the one you enjoy the most.

Next step: Strength training. As we get older the muscles are getting smaller and losing the ability to contract, we can change this by strength training. The other thing we see in this age range is a higher fat content. There is more diabetes due to lower muscle mass, so strength training is essential to regulate glucose metabolism. So hitting the weights is a must, but make sure to take professional advice about it.

Last step is Flexibility training – this is very important as lack of flexibility causes poor range of movement that causes various problems including bad posture and lower back pain. So make sure to finish the training session with a good stretch!

In a nutshell: Get off the sofa 😉 but remember to seek professional advice before exercising!

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