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eating whilst exercising

eating whilst exercisingHow are you doing? Keeping fit & healthy? I hope so. And I also hope that you have put into practice my advice from last month’s issue 😉 Keep me posted via email about your progress and if you need any extra support you can count on me! Just contact me via the website.

Well, so let’s get started with this month’s topic, which is going to be good news for you: How to offset ‘indulgent’ meals. First, just so you know, indulgent meals or what we athletes call ‘cheat’ meals are an important part of every successful body composition change programme. By body composition change I mean losing fat and gaining muscle, not losing weight which generally means losing a lot of muscle, water and a bit of fat. And there are two reasons for it: A psychological reason – I can easily stick to my plan from Monday to Friday knowing that I can eat what I have really missed on Sunday (generally my nutrition programme cheat day) and have the best of both worlds – Keep fit and eat anything that I want. I can do that forever if I want, instead of those systems were people eat only soup for 3 months, lose a lot of weight and put it all back in one month after the diet finishes. That not only doesn’t work but it also damages your metabolism.

The other reason is that our body adapts very fast to any big changes, especially dietary ones, and regulates the amount of energy we spend, in a mechanism very similar to a thermostat, in an effort to keep our body in the state it is. In practical terms it means that if you eat low calories for a while your body will adapt and spend less calories by slowing down your metabolism. That’s when the planned cheat day comes in, reigniting your metabolism – like putting new wood on a fireplace.

But the cheat days have to be planned ahead and be part of a proper programme, and I always count the amount of extra calories compared to my regular day and burn the difference next day at the gym! Do you want to be surprised? Try to calculate how many calories you have consumed on Easter weekend. And then run to the gym to recover from the shock! 😉 See you later!

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