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Do you want to succeed with your New Year's fitness resolutions this time?

Marcelo Del MonacoHow was Christmas? Hope that you’ve had an awesome one. It’s definitely one of my favourite times of the year, spend time with family, reflect on life and the year that has gone (super fast) and eat, eat, eat… and for some of us probably eat, drink, eat, drink…

And like every other year, the New Year comes and we make ourselves promises. We all have resolutions and want to achieve more than the last year, we want to be happier, healthier, wealthier etc… After years seeing people starting the New Yyear with great intentions and giving up by February, I am going to share with you some of the tricks I use with my clients and with myself to achieve our resolutions.

UfitFirst: find what the emotional reason is behind your goal, write it down and keep it on your wallet and fridge door. Find a picture that represents your final goal and do the same (ok maybe not the fridge door this time). Every time temptation comes, look at it and read what you wrote.

Second: Make it public – Yes, about two years ago I have decided to spend a whole year without alcohol. I posted on Facebook: “In the following year if you find me with a drink on my hands I will give one hundred pounds on the spot.” It worked very well. If you want to run a marathon, half marathon or 10K make it public and get people sponsoring you from now, so you cannot change your mind.

Third: break the target in small, measurable and achievable goals – I have daily, weekly and monthly targets for myself, but for most of my clients we set weekly and monthly targets, e.g.

Weekly: full body training sessions twice a week and running once a week. Follow your nutritional recommendation five days a week (have the weekend free to avoid medium and long term ‘ binge effect’)

Monthly: lose X Kg or reduce your body fat by X and increase your muscle mass by X.

Marcelo del MonacoFourth (and my favourite technique): imagine yourself one year in the future. Have you achieved your goals? How do you feel about that? As your future you look back at you now and give yourself advice on how to achieve what you want.

I know that this month the article doesn’t have any fitness tips on it, but it’s January, fitness tips are everywhere (the same ones as last year) together with celebrity fitness videos and magazines, but in my experience what people really need now is not the same tips as last year but know how to stick to them. See you next month!

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