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Exercise fun? You’re having me on!

exercising can be fun

Hemingway once said: “Once you stop doing things for fun you may as well be dead.” I couldn’t agree more. So this month I have decided to write to you about a very important but underrated part of fitness training: The fun part of it!

exercising can be funI remember being a kid (I know, it was a long time ago…) and a teenager and loving to go out and play with my friends, it could be basketball, skateboarding, surfing, table tennis and even football (I am really bad at the last one). My parents had to give me deadlines to be back home or I would be just jumping from sport to sport the whole day, come home to eat and start all over again. Well, I still love physical activity but somewhere down the line many adults start seeing physical activity as an unpleasant necessity performed only to burn calories and keep their hearts and lungs working.

The good news is: It’s not true, it can be amazingly fulfilling not only to achieve the end goal but the whole journey, and in many, many ways learning more about your body, about nutrition, seeing your body transforming, becoming more efficient (and looking the way you want), discovering new delicious foods and dishes that are good for you, and physical activities that you will actually enjoy.

exercising can be funBelieve me, I see it every month: someone comes to me and says: “I need to get fit but I don’t like exercising, I love my food, I can’t run because of this, I can’t do this because of that… “. Then, after a few weeks they are developing the habit of exercising and feeling good about themselves; they start to push their limits, buy some cool gym clothes, do things they never thought possible before. And that is what makes my career choice very, very special. I have clients over 50 years old that run 5K twice a week and can perform 50 press ups and 50 burpees nonstop, and they all started from the scratch.

So here is my challenge for you this month: find one physical activity you are going to have fun performing it and do it twice a week. Even if in the beginning you don’t absolutely love the activity, pair it with something you like, for example I find long runs a bit boring, but I do then few times a week, so when I go running I always listen to an audio book, or run with a friend and bring the gossip up to date 😉

Well, keep me posted about your discoveries and your progress; I will be very happy to hear about it. And remember: Good intentions don’t burn calories!

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