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Get fit, look and feel great for the summer with The Muswell Flyer & Marcelo Monaco

Summer is here again, time to socialise outdoors, wear that amazing pair of shorts, t-shirt, sandals and sunglasses combo or even a bikini on that deserved holiday abroad. That’s great news for some of us, but not for all. Why? Because not all of us look and feel our best at this time of the year. The good news is that you can still achieve the physique you want – all you need is a goal, a bit of dedication and consistency and a good strategy designed with your needs in mind.

We all have different body types, exercise requirements and goals, but I have put together this home/ park, equipment-free workout that targets most modern woman’s goals: legs, bum, abs and ‘that’ famous area on the back of our arms. All you need is a timer! If you’ve had problems with your back, knees or shoulders or are at pre or post natal stages you should see a trainer before doing this workout, but it is super safe for everybody else.

Set your timer for one minute rounds. I would recommend for you to walk for around 15 minutes on a fast pace just as a form of warm up before starting your programme.

Ok, so let’s do it: You’re going to perform each exercise for one minute and move straight to the next with no rest.

Ready? Set your timer and this is the sequence: 3,2,1 GO!

Squats, Plank, Lunges (alternate legs), sit ups, press ups (with your knees on the floor), star jumps, leg raises & finally close grip press ups. Now you can rest for a minute and repeat the circuit until you’ve completed it three times. That’s “mission accomplished” for today.

Have one day rest and do it again. It is designed to take only 27 minutes from start to finish and will give you great results on toning and accelerating your metabolism. Train focused on your goals, feel good & have fun!


(If you have any questions about the exercises please feel free to email me – marcelomonaco@hotmail.co.uk – or if you want to see them being performed there are videos of each exercise on Google).


Marcelo Monaco
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